Reflections on Europe

Introduction Hello, my name is Jackson Anderson. I am an incoming senior at Waterford, and I have attended the school since nursery threes, making this incoming year my fifteenth year at Waterford. This European art trip has been the first Waterford summer term trip that I have attended, as well as the first time that I have left the continent. I initially wanted to go on the trip in order to ameliorate my French speaking abilities during our stay in Paris, experience new cultures that I had not previously been exposed to, and find inspiration for writing. The trip has…

Lower School Stop Motion Animation

Class IV-VI students came to this week long camp and learned the basics of stop motion animation. The culmination of brainstorming ideas, snapping pictures, tirelessly moving characters inch by inch and a lot of editing are these fantastic movies! Enjoy! Alex Kluge, Mathew Nelson and J.T. Downard Preston Jenkins and Cash Lewis Sam Miller and Max Buxton Manhattan Caldwell and Auden Smith Kaden and Logan Jorgenson